Wednesday, February 16, 2005


i stared at the sky last night
and there's one star that caught my eye
a red star that shines so bright
brighter than the shooting star that passed by
there are many stars in the sky
but this one is the most special of all
it shines up in the sky so high
and sparks like a crystal ball
but when the sun comes up,
my star doesn't shine anymore.
i'm afraid it will just go and "pop",
and my star will shine no more
i wish every night my star will shine
'cause it reminds me of you
this star i will call mine
'cause this star symbolizes you
every night i stare at the sky
every night the star fades slowly,
then dark clouds start to fill the sky
and i miss my star deeply
i don't know when my star will shine again
i hope it will be soon
i don't know when it will begin
to shine brightly with the moon