Thursday, September 15, 2005

can this be it?

the warmth of your touch
the tightness of your embrace
the sweetness of your smile
it slowly melts my heart
it softens my feelings
but my mind is a blur
is this the feeling they call love?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

college life...

well... it's been too long since i updated my blogspot...
anyway, i'm taking up bs psychology in the Philippine Normal University... [but i'm planning to transfer school next year] college life is not easy as i had expected it... it's too much pressure and stress... luckily, i survived the past 4 months and hopefully will finish this semester with high grades...
i need to be ready for the next semester... i don't know if it will be harder or a bit easier... [i wish it will be easier]...
i miss my friends, my former classmates, and everything about my highschool life... it's true that you should live your highschool life to the fullest... you should enjoy your youthful days before everything gets to be serious... i'm telling you, college is not easy and simple... it's the time you get serious because in this stage you will build your future... and you should have a good foundation to have a successful future...
if i only i could turn back time... but.... i can't..... i just need to accept the present and live my life as if it is my last....

Thursday, March 31, 2005


finally! after all the hardwork of studying... i made it... i've finished highschool and will move up another step of my life... the college life!

i congratulate myself for having a job well done... after 4 years in highschool, i've finished it and graduated with honors...

my next goal, finish college with a degree in psychology... i'm nervous and excited stepping in to the next world... hope to pass this life...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


i stared at the sky last night
and there's one star that caught my eye
a red star that shines so bright
brighter than the shooting star that passed by
there are many stars in the sky
but this one is the most special of all
it shines up in the sky so high
and sparks like a crystal ball
but when the sun comes up,
my star doesn't shine anymore.
i'm afraid it will just go and "pop",
and my star will shine no more
i wish every night my star will shine
'cause it reminds me of you
this star i will call mine
'cause this star symbolizes you
every night i stare at the sky
every night the star fades slowly,
then dark clouds start to fill the sky
and i miss my star deeply
i don't know when my star will shine again
i hope it will be soon
i don't know when it will begin
to shine brightly with the moon

Sunday, January 30, 2005

the majesty!

hello people! welcome to my blog spot! hope you enjoy my site... on this site you can know stuff about me that you can only know... so enjoy!